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About Pewter

Pewter tableware and figurines make great additions to any rustic home d?cor and form the basis of historical dining collections. There is a range of new and antique pewter on eBay extensive enough to make any collector?s eyes grow to the size of saucers. A West German set of cups and goblets from eBay are a great way to start a collection or to serve drinks in a Gothic fashion, while a pair of Armetale Colonial candlestick holder wall plate sconces adds a dim flicker to any country kitchen. Imagine the quizzical look on your child?s face when you serve his or her cereal up in a pewter bowl. Show your pride in American history by displaying vintage bicentennial McDowell plates from Hermitage, Pennsylvania, as part of your collection. Pewter figurines are also highly collectible and come in a wide variety of designs, including whimsical dragons with a winged fairy. You can even start a Plunkvoot?s Ark collection with a delightful Unkempt Bleeful figurine, or add a The Gesundheits figurine to expand an existing collection. Then just stand back and watch these unusual creatures come to life in your imagination.