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About Petticoats

You are going square dancing in a of couple weeks with friends and, even in your extensive wardrobe, you know you have absolutely nothing to wear. You do not want to wear jeans like everyone else, so you make it your mission to find the perfect petticoat. This is the ideal skirt to wear during this activity because it will twirl and stomp with your every move. Many people assume these garments are floor-length like those worn under gowns centuries ago, but this is not the case. A square dance petticoat will flow from the hips and end around your knees. They are typically straight in the hip area to not add any unwanted width around this section. If you are shopping for a petticoat, you will love the selection of new and used ones you will find on eBay. There are knee- and floor-length petticoats in a variety of colors. If you are getting married, you will appreciate the wedding styles from which there are to choose. You can even buy a vintage petticoat you will want to wear every chance you get.