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About PetSafe Transmitters

Uh, oh?someone left the gate open again, and your Labrador is on the loose. No matter how much you remind your family to check the gate, your dog always seems to find a way out. It may be time to invest in a PetSafe transmitter system to keep your pet in your yard and out of harm?s way. Check out the reliable sellers on eBay to get a great deal on the PetSafe fence transmitter and invisible fencing system in new or used condition. Installation is simple; you run the wire along the perimeter of your yard and connect it to a PetSafe wireless transmitter. Your pet wears a collar transmitter that links with the PetSafe transmitter to alert him with a gentle shock that he cannot go past the invisible fence. Over time, your pet learns to stay away from the fence and inside your yard. Take the worry out of finding your dog after they escape by investing in a PetSafe fence and transmitter.

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