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Shop the extensive inventory of dollhouse miniatures including dollhouse furniture and room items!

About Petite Princesses

Did you spend hours of your childhood arranging and rearranging the antique-style furniture in your Petite Princess miniature house? Well, those marvelous hand-painted pieces are now desirable collectibles. The dollhouses and furniture were sold in the 1960s by the Ideal Toy Company and were very innovative for the day. The original Petite Princess dollhouse consisted of individually sold stackable room boxes in a number of pastel shades; later, a colonial mansion-style dollhouse was introduced. The Petite Princess dollhouse furniture is exceptionally lovely with great attention to detail. Each room boasts its own tasteful pieces, which were made with fine materials such as satin, velvet, brass, and porcelain. If you would love to start a new collection of Petite Princess treasures, or you are trying to locate a few pieces to complete your existing collection, reliable sellers on eBay offer individual items or lots in new and used conditions that you can purchase from the comfort of your home.