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About Peter Parker

Hello web-heads. If you have been following the adventures of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, also known as Peter Parker, for years, you know that comics and paraphernalia appear all the time. Ever since his debut in issue 15 of "Amazing Fantasy," Peter Parker has been keeping comic book fans thrilled with his web-slinging escapades; but since the hugely successful Sam Raimi movies, the wall-crawler has become more popular than ever. Now, every self-respecting Spidey fan wants a good collection of Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man comics, but there is so much more besides, including graphic novels, DVD and Blu-ray movies, cartoons, fun action figures, statuettes, and construction sets. Whether you want a cute Peter Parker Minimate collectable figure to stand on your computer monitor and brighten up your drab room, or a collection of vintage comics, you can find what you are looking for from the reliable sellers on eBay. Just remember not to let everyone else know who Spider-Man really is; it is a secret after all.

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