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About Peter Max Original

The work of great artists is often copied, with machines transforming the creative process into a mere assembly line. However, works like Peter Max originals have something in them that defies and exceeds the limits of machine-made production. Peter Max is known for his psychedelic designs, and his posters grace many a dorm room. Max's works gain attention from critics and corporations alike, and major companies regularly approach him with jobs. Thus, a Peter Max original painting is both rare and highly valued. Many of his works feature naturalistic imagery, depicted in a strikingly unusual way. Others feature recognizable figures like the Statue of Liberty, although she is displayed in a way that would make the Founding Fathers turn over in their graves. You can find plenty of examples of Peter Max's original art on sale from the vast inventory on eBay. From beautiful sunsets to surprising portrayals of well-loved figures, his work covers a range that holds appeal for a wide variety of tastes. A Peter Max original lends a refined flair to any living space.