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About Peter Lik

Traditional landscapes lack the color and drama that you want to fill that empty space on your living room wall. Peter Lik is an award-winning Australian photographer that brings a new eye to landscapes. His prints feature the mighty land masses of the United States, which Lik first discovered on trips in the 1980s. From a base in Las Vegas, Lik has ample opportunities to capture the scenes that he loves. From clouds, deserts, lakes, mountains, volcanoes, and cityscapes, his photos feature a bold use of color. "Moon Over Montauk" has a predominance of blue, with a full moon shimmering on the water. If you prefer more striking scenes, check out "Midnight Storm" featuring a purple lightning storm. While some works are monochrome, others combine colors, such as "Ocean Fire," with a molten volcanic cloud of red, yellow, and orange across a bright blue sky. If you browse the vast inventory on eBay for Peter Lik compositions, you can find sensational work to fill your walls from an artist at the height of his success in landscape photography.