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About Peruvian Opals

One of the most beautiful stones nature ever created is as blue as tropical water. It is the gorgeous Peruvian Opal. You may see this stone in blue or a light pink ? though the genuine pink opals are quite rare and harder to acquire. Regardless of color, Peruvian opals in bright blue shades are often made into beads for necklaces and bracelets. These stones come in many sizes, and they make excellent statement pieces. Imagine how striking a brilliant blue opal would look against a white shirt or how demure a soft pink Peruvian opal would look against a dark fabric or peeking out from dark hair. When you are shopping for an opal through reliable sellers on eBay, you can select from different variations of the stone. You can find one that?s completely solid, or a glimmering, multifaceted stone. It all depends on how the stone is cut and polished. The Peruvian opal is no one trick pony, each stone is as unique as its wearer.