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About Persian Lamb Coats

Keep warm all winter with plush-styled Persian lamb coats. Persian lamb skins come from Karakul sheep, and highly sought after for their soft fur, which is dark and tightly curled when the lambs are young. These young lambs are used for both their meat and pelts, which make beautiful coats. These coats are warmer and take less care than other fur coats, such as beaver or chinchilla. They are made in both men's and women's styles, and often include specific detailing, such as mink collars and cuffs. A brown Persian lamb coat is made from wool from a brown animal, and is not dyed. It offers a different twist on the usual black Persian lamb styles. Offered in jacket and long coat styles, these coats are sure to be heirloom pieces that are passed from generation to generation. Jackets, or short styles, are ideal for a more casual look while long coats dress up any outfit. Find all different types of coats, from black to gray Persian lamb coat styles in the vast inventory on eBay.

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