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About Perez Steele

Dick Perez knows baseball, though he himself has never stolen a base or hit a home run. Perez is an artist who painted some of the game’s top players for trading cards, postcards, and books, known as Perez Steele paintings. Combining his talents with the galleries of Frank Steele, Perez Steele saw the artwork of baseball's most famous painter come to life. As the official artist of the Philadelphia Phillies, Perez immortalized some of the sport's most legendary figures and has a permanent exhibit of his work at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. You can find a Perez Steele set of baseball cards from reliable sellers on eBay as a way to appreciate some of the best baseball art around. Looking at the quality of work in a Perez Steele lot, it is not difficult to see why his paintings now show up on the famed Topps line of cards. You can almost hear the crack of the bat against a spinning baseball simply by looking at the realistic portraits he created on these top-quality baseball cards.