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About Percussions

Percussion instruments provide the backbone of any musical piece by keeping time and tempo. Everyone has heard of drums, but there is a whole world of percussion instruments to choose from on eBay. Latin percussion such as cowbells enhance the fun sound of any party music and can be used to expand a drum kit, or strap a Valter Kinbom laptop Conga drum around your neck for portable percussion at a Mardi Gras celebration or other street festival. Hand percussion instruments are also great for street events and a 7-inch natural hand-carved wooden frog "ribbit" sound maker is sure to attract attention. For a Spanish feel, keep time with a set of wooden castanets attached to each hand, or for something more tribal, a Caribbean Sarong deign Djembe drum will give you the primal sound you desire. Some people just are not musically inclined; for them, a tambourine or vintage maraca set is ideal for effortless percussion. Drum the night away, or keep time with your castanets, and create your percussion masterpiece?even if it is only in your own mind.