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About Perches

Birds can sit pretty on multitude of perches, but for something extra special browse for a new bird perch on eBay. Natural enrichment is important for domestic birds so give them a feel of the jungle with a set of red manzanita branches and stems to prevent them plucking their feathers through boredom, or use a manzanita perch to give them somewhere to sit and sharpen their beak. For the ultimate shower experience (for the bird, not you), try a suction cup 0.75-inch shower perch and watch your bird play in the steam and spray. Adjustable rope perches clip to cage wire, and multiple ropes create a jungle gym effect for your bird so they can stay in good health. Give your small or medium sized bird the ultimate workout with a bird play center that has multiple perches, toys, and feeding areas so they need never feel bored again. For a larger bird, like a Macaw, a wooden swinging gym is a great alternative to a regular bird perch. All you need to do then is sit back and watch your bird play for hours.