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About Peony

Romance, prosperity, an omen of good fortune, and a happy marriage, the symbolism surrounding the peony in many ways illustrates the lush and full bloom of this beautiful flower. Blooming as part of a larger, herbaceous perennial plant, the peony flower is popular in bouquets and gardens alike. Its name comes from Greek mythology—Paeon was a student of the god of medicine and healing, Asclepius. Legend has it that Paeon's talents threatened Asclepius and so, to protect him, Zeus transformed Paeon into the peony and thus saved from mortal death. There are about 30 different peony plant species known to man including both flower-bearing bushes and trees. Though many varieties of the flower exist in traditional gardening supply stores, using eBay's reliable sellers to find the roots or seed of the more rare species saves gardeners time and money. Not only offering beautiful and lush blooms, peonies are an ancient flower with a rich history as beautiful as they are. Adding a few plants to any garden allows you to not only delight in those stories, but share them with others.