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About Pentium

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Did you know that Intel only used the Pentium name because you can't trademark a number? After the 286, 386, and later 486, Intel wanted a new name for its next processor generation that its competitors couldn't copy. So the company chose the name Pentium, instead of following its existing numbering system, so there never really was a 586. The first Intel Pentiums were high-end computers—the design introduced a wave of new capabilities that 486 and earlier processors could not match. They were not just faster; they were better. Intel still uses the name on the low-range Pentium D, one step up from a Celeron, but it's a far cry from the brand's heyday of the Pentium Pro and its successors. Most software is still Pentium compatible, and various Pentium chips are still perfectly usable, especially if you have limited requirements. Pick up a Pentium 4 on eBay and give it a try. Isn't it time you released some of that pent up energy to do something constructive?