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About Pentax FA

The first bokeh you took on your Pentax FA was a mistake, but the next hundred were not. When you saw how beautiful background blur can be, you immediately began to invest more time in bokeh photography. The result is a bagful of macro lenses for your Pentax camera. If you want the kind of shallow field of depth that makes a good bokeh, then you should strongly consider the Pentax FA 50mm lens. Although it is a normal macro lens, it produces sharp images with very smooth bokeh. To achieve more startling picture and bokeh quality, consider getting a Pentax FA 100 Macro lens. This lens is capable of achieving 1:1 magnification, making it perfect for those who take life-size shots. To avoid dust, grease, and moisture from photobombing your awesome shots, this macro lens is specially coated to repel dirt and water. With the wide selection of Pentax FA lenses available on eBay, you have run out of excuses for those lackluster bokehs and uninspiring macro shots.