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About Pentair Filters

During the heat of the summer, nothing is quite as luxurious as a backyard pool. While pools are extremely fun, they also require quite a bit of maintenance, and if you have a Pentair filter, you want to make sure you clean the filter every few months and replace the cartridges or grids as necessary. If you have a Pentair cartridge filter, the pleated cartridges can tear, which can cause debris to re-enter the pool. If you have a diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, you may find that over time, lotions, soaps, and body oil have clogged your Pentair filter grids, causing them to become impacted. Once the grids are impacted, they will no longer hold DE, and you might notice your pool becoming cloudy. If you have cleaned your Pentair filter and still notice a cloudy, murky pool, or if you notice debris entering the pool from return lines, it is time to replace your grids or cartridges. You can find a large selection of available units on eBay. Reliable sellers offer Pentair filters in many different sizes, so you are sure to find a cartridge or grid that will fit your filter.