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About Pentacon

Picture this: Snapping photos with a completely manual setting, adjusting the aperture on the lens, and, unheard of these days, not seeing your photos until long after you’ve shot them. While film photography may be old, it is certainly alive and thriving with many equipment options, such as Pentacon, for people who wish to get into the field. This German manufacturer specializes in SLR cameras and corresponding lenses, and is best known for its Pentacon Six system. You can find both Pentacon SLRs and lenses, like the Pentacon 30mm, on eBay from a variety of reliable sellers. Whether you are yearning to actually develop your photos instead of sticking them on a flash drive and forgetting about them, or are craving the elegance and simplicity that only black-and-white photography can provide, a Pentacon camera fills that nostalgic void within you. Pentacon no longer actively makes these SLR cameras, however, their legacy lives on as many seek to buy them, pursuing tradition and control in their photography.