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About Penny Board

You remember the first time you ever stepped onto a skateboard … it was not signed by Tony Hawk, and it was not made of multiple layers of maple wood. You were truly the old school skateboarder whose first experience was on a plastic banana-style Penny Board. Relive the old days by getting a one-of-a-kind gently used version or even a new one in pristine condition. Penny Boards, created by long-time skateboarding enthusiast Ben Mackay, are made of sturdy, high-quality plastic, making them not only versatile but highly customizable. You can choose something as basic as a solid black board, complete with matching wheels, or you can make a statement by adding neon green wheels. Girls can choose a more feminine pink Penny Board. With so many color options, from the bright and neon to the softer pastel, Penny Boards can be suitable for both kids and adults. Mackay's updated boards have the appearance of vintage banana boards. Whether you plan to skate to school or work, the reliable sellers on eBay can offer convenient shipping options and help you to achieve that step back into time.