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About Pennies

The gold dollar is the flamboyant uncle that shows up in a shiny new outfit every couple of years to great fanfare, only to overstay his welcome yet again. The penny, on the other hand, is the quiet kid in the back of the classroom who knows the answers to the questions, but for whatever reason, never feels the need to speak up. Just being there is good enough for him, and besides, he knows they cannot get rid of him anytime soon. Though the U.S. one-cent piece was not quite that indifferent, its past variants now seem akin to the quiet kid wearing his Halloween costume to school for attention. The Indian Head penny, printed from 1859 to 1909, survived the currency hoarding of the Civil War and the advent of the coin-operated vending machine, but could not stand up to the popularity of postmortem Lincoln and was summarily replaced. Wheat pennies, the first cent piece to feature Honest Abe, picked up where the Indian heads left off. Whether you need a penny for luck or for your loafer, the trusted sellers on eBay will have your order to you on time for just a handful of...well, you know.