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About Pencil Dress

There was a time when office wear meant elegance, when the icons of American style were in the workplace instead of on the runways. You can capture that vintage "Mad Men" glory with a pencil dress, a style of fitted dress popular in the 1960s. It tapers with the legs, emphasizing the flair of the hips and the column of the waist while also lending support to your curves. In a knee-length pencil dress, you can be perfectly at home at the next classy soiree you attend, whether it is a midnight cocktail party or a period piece costume ball. A vintage pencil dress, tailored and elegant, is a love letter to the fashions of the middle of the last century when there was no such thing as downtime for those who sought to keep pace with ever-evolving fashion. The sixties may be over, but that does not mean that their glamour has to fade away entirely. You can find a pencil dress in the vast inventory of clothes, both vintage and contemporary, on eBay. Let the past and present collide in style.

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