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About Pencil Cases

After an entire box of No. 2 pencils vanishes by the second week of school, you vow to teach your kids how to get organized. The first order of business is finding a pencil case to store the writing utensils and prevent those last-minute hunts for missing school supplies. Pencil cases have come a long way from the plain, zippered pencil pouch or the iconic plastic pencil box. With options like a vibrantly patterned Vera Bradley pencil case, you can send your fashion-conscious teen to school in style. The boys in the house appreciate the masculinity of a leather pencil case or a vintage wood pencil box. A pencil case offers a way to easily transport pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, and even some spare change between home and school, and they help students avoid the embarrassment of having to ask the teacher for a loaner on test day. Head to eBay for a great selection of new and used pencil cases along with all of your other school supply needs.

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