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About Pen Refills

You are halfway through a sweet and intoxicating love letter when your favorite pen leaves a splotch on the page and ceases to work. You do not want to change pens in the middle of the letter, so having some pen refills on your hand is your best bet. The refills prevent you from having to purchase large packs of low quality, disposable pens and allow you to invest in something that turns your writing into a piece of art. High-end pens are not supposed to skip, scratch the page, or alternate from high to low amounts of ink flow. When it comes to shopping for pen refills, make sure you get the right kind. For example, cross pen refills are only for their specific pens, and you may still have to match it up to the pen model. Ballpoint pen refills are also very different from a fountain pen refill because they are an entirely different kind of writing utensil. Whichever you need, find it on eBay. It’s time to finishing penning that letter.