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About Pen Box

Going through your father?s things, you found an old vintage pen box that you had given him when you were a little girl. Now, you have a little girl of your own who is looking for the perfect gift to offer your husband for Father?s Day, and this pen box has given you an idea. You decide to investigate eBay and its reliable sellers to see what types of pen boxes they might have available. Among the listings, you found a great deal on a vintage wood pen box that features a burnt-in image of the Eiffel Tower. You decide to purchase that one for yourself, while continuing to look for something suitable for your husband. Fortunately, you and your daughter eventually see a great deal on a fountain pen box set. The pen and the box are produced by the authentic German pen-crafter Waterman, and it is housed in a dark blue box with a crushed velvet interior. When the pen arrives, your daughter is barely able to stop giggling excitedly long enough to offer the present to her dad. After opening it, your husband wipes a tear from his eye and engulfs your little girl in a bear hug.

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