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About Peltiers

Who knew that the handy-dandy beverage cooler you own is a Peltier cooler? This "cool" piece of technology works by creating a heat flux between two different types of materials. If that sounds too scientific for you, all that means is that the device uses electricity to transfer heat to effectively cool something. This something could be anything, like your soda or even a satellite in space. More common uses for the Peltier thermoelectric heat pump are for cooling the inside of electronic devices such as computers. Instead of normal heat sinks, microprocessors are now outfitted with the Peltier heatsink to allow active cooling. When you use a portable or camping cooler, it also uses the Peltier cooler technology. Keep this in mind when searching eBay for beverage coolers, computer components, or camping supplies. When you make a purchase, take advantage of a reliable seller for a smooth, problem-free transaction.