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About Pellet Stoves

If the heating bill this past winter raised your blood pressure, it may be time to invest in a pellet stove. No, it is not what hamsters use to cook their food; it is just one of the most environmentally friendly, clean-burning, affordable heating options on the market. A pellet stove uses bio-fuel pellets, usually made from hardwood sawdust and other lumber scraps, to keep a small but incredibly hot fire going for hours or even an entire day. You simply fill the stove's hopper with the pellets, which come in 40-pound bags. The stove then automatically starts the fire, feeds the fire, and maintains the heat at just the right level. It creates a small amount of ash, which only has to be cleaned out once a week or so. Wood pellet stoves are the most common type in North America, although corn pellet stoves and multi-fuel pellet stoves also exist. High-end stoves, like Harman pellet stoves, combine the old-fashioned wood stove style with high-tech remote control thermostat operation. eBay has a wide selection of stoves and parts for those who want a new way to stay warm this winter.

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