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About Pelikan

More powerful than the sword, the pen is an accessory that defines much of the wisdom in the world. A well-crafted pen such as the products made by Pelikan is an item that brings value and beauty to any desk or office. Pelikan produces a wide range of pens, including fine writing and everyday options for the office. In the fine writing category, there are limited edition pens of classics, such as the Pelikan Toledo, that make great gifts and collectibles. All fine writing Pelikan pens, including the Pelikan M200, come with the brand's trademark features that include decorative rings and the Pelikan beak clip, renowned for an even and steady dispersal of ink. Pelikan also puts their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship into pens for kids and teens that come in bright fashion colors and fun designs, as well as options for daily use in the office or classroom. Find a Pelikan pen that works for your needs by exploring the wide range of options available from the vast inventory on eBay.