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About Peel - Masks & Peels

The fountain of youth promises to restore the youth of the person who bathes or drinks its waters. While it?s not that simple in real life, you can achieve similar effects when you use a peel. There are several different kinds of peels that do different things for your skin. For instance, chemical peels that have trichloroacetic acid in it will help to remove stretch marks due to pregnancy or weight loss or gain and it will also help to remove that tattoo you got back in college that you don?t really care for anymore. Perhaps stretch marks and tattoos aren?t your problem and you just want smoother and younger looking skin. You may want to try a facial peel with glycolic acid, like the Pumpkin Exfoliate Enzyme Mask found on eBay. Peels with glycolic acid in them are gentle enough for regular use and it offers a number of benefits like refining skin texture, removing dead skin cells which will leave the skin soft and vibrant, and it also helps to clean and unclog acne-prone skin. Although the fountain of youth is a myth, it is very possible to look like you bathed in the spring by using a peel of some kind.