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About Pedometers

Walking a mile a day is good exercise for even the most sedentary person, but how do you know how far you have walked? For many walkers and runners, a pedometer is the answer. A simple pocket pedometer is easy to use and practical for anyone who wants to keep track of how much they walk in their daily routine. You just turn it on, drop it in your pocket, and forget it. Many walking pedometers offer more than just the ability to count your steps, some even come with a GPS built in, so you can use them while riding your bike as well as walking. The more capable the pedometer, the more it costs, but you can control your budget by looking for a used one. Some people get pedometers but then never use them so you can sometimes go to eBay and find one that is either new or used for much less. Put one foot in front of the other and get yourself back into shape.