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About Pedal Tractors

Feel like a kid again by purchasing a vintage pedal tractor. The John Deere pedal tractor is highly collectible because of its iconic brand name. eBay offers a large selection of this collectors' item. New replicas look very similar to the popular vintage models but are safer and more appropriate for children to pedal and ride. However, collectors are likely to find the vintage pedal tractors that date back to the 1950s far more interesting. In addition to John Deere, you can also find classic Ford pedal tractors. These models are also available in new or vintage condition. You can find these tractors in many different colors with pull along carts. The red or blue gives the tractor a classic, vintage feel, whereas the pink is quite unique. No matter which model you choose, you may find yourself dreaming of your childhood as you gaze upon the pedal tractor.