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About Pedal Straps

Just as the seat belt in your car gives you a sense of safety and security, pedal straps do the same when you are on your bike. These straps help to hold your shoes in place on the pedals, right where they belong. With them, you can easily stand to climb hills, ride safely on rainy days, and get a little extra grip when riding through water, mud, and debris. Many straps feature reflective tape, which makes them ideal for commuting to work or riding at dawn and dusk. Some straps fit mountain bikes, while others are designed for road bikes. The large inventory of new and used pedal straps on eBay gives you plenty of options to choose from. You can look for straps from reliable sellers to help you stay comfortable and safe on or off the road. You might find that Velcro pedal straps, which feature a wide band and an easy fastening system, do the trick. Alternatively, If a cool look is what you are after, a set of white pedal straps, which are hard to miss, might suit you better.