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About Pedal Go Karts

Zipping down the track in a go-kart is not just for the big kids; younger children can play in their own mini vehicles. Pedal go-karts may not be as fast as their motorized cousins, but they can be just as much fun. Kids' pedal go-karts, like bikes, use pedals, gears, and chains to get moving. They go only as fast as children can pedal or roll them, which makes them a more suitable ride for younger kids. Many karts also come with heavy-duty tires to help them roll over curbs and other obstacles, and some have safety features such as bumpers and roll bars. Small pedal go-karts make great alternatives to tricycles and can introduce concepts like steering and braking. Larger versions are still fun toys for older kids who are not quite ready for motorized karts. You can let your kids roam around the yard or driveway in their karts, or build a mini racetrack to let them enjoy their very own pedal powered races. You can find a large inventory of karts on eBay, along with parts such as go-kart brake pedals.

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