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About Peavey Bass

Although the lead singer seems to get all of the glory, and the lead guitarist sits on a throne of guitar picks in the rock and roll hall of fame, no song is complete without a heavy and rolling bass track. Whether you are just starting to pluck away at those four low strings or you need a quality bass guitar to satisfy your band's needs for professional sound, a Peavey bass serves as the ultimate musical tool. Including several different lines of bass guitars, including the Cirrus Series, Millennium Series, PXD Series, and many others, virtually all of these bass guitars emphasize quality pickups, a smooth and comfortable fretboard, and VFL active electronics with an 18V preamp built right into many models. Before getting the band together for the next practice or for your big breakthrough show, you head to eBay and discover a brand new or used Peavey T-40 Bass, a Peavey Bass Amp, or any other Peavey bass gear. Rock on.