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About Peasant Blouses

A peasant blouse paired with high waisted shorts and stilettos has hit fashion runaways every spring and summer since as long as fashion enthusiasts can remember. The peasant look is characterized by vintage, classic, and loose styles that flatter an array of body types. Whether you need a tunic length blouse to pair with leggings or a chiffon peasant blouse to wear to your cousin's wedding, you can find it on eBay. Traditionally, a cotton peasant blouse was worn with a long cotton skirt undergarments, and comfortable flats. Peasant blouses are available in solid colors, patterns, and different cuts. Every cut is unique, however, most blouses are loose around the torso, scooped necked, and tapered at the waist via an elastic band. A peasant blouse also includes threading that reflects geometric shapes, floral patterns, and stylized lines. These blouses are very low maintenance, can be washed at home, and either hung to dry or tumbled dried on low. Browse the vast inventory of peasant blouses and remember that owning more than one is totally fashionable.