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About Pearl Strands

From subtle to smashing, you can dress the classic pearl strand up or down to suit your fashionista tastes. A classic single pearl strand necklace is the answer to any question you might have about accessorizing with class: It brings a touch of vintage Holly Golightly chic and sophistication to your favorite little black dress. On the other hand, layers and loops of varying sizes give you the edgy yet cultured, retro look of the 80s pop icon. Wear one or two faux pearl strands with absolute confidence to a busy club or while out painting the town red, and not even the mirror will know the difference. For those more refined occasions, do not skimp. Instead, bring out the elegance and put on a cultured pearl strand. The smooth, silky luster gleaming under lamplight or candlelight will enchant onlookers throughout the room. You can find a whole range of colors and sizes on eBay. "The world is your oyster," as they say. Accessorize for it.