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About Pearl Rings

Who needs the sparkle of a pedestrian diamond when you have the shimmering luster of a pearl ring on your finger? No need for facets here. The natural sheen of pearlescent nacre does all of the work, no matter what color pearl you prefer. That's right: You can step outside the box in elegance and style with something so daring and demure as a black pearl ring, or opt for a pale champagne or soft golden hue to complement your skin tones. Of course, the classic, milky opalescence of a classic is never out of style, and that goes double for an antique pearl ring in a setting that tells the world you have vintage taste and the semiprecious stones to back it up. You can find your own new or previously owned perfect pearl ring—or start a collection—by shopping on eBay. Bring the look together with a simple but elegant pearl strand necklace and delicate pearl earrings, and you'll never be out of step in any formal or gala event. Time to shine.