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About Pearl Izumi

Your friends just invited you to join them in a local bike race, and your heart speeds up with excitement. However, doing a quick mental inventory of your gear is a reminder that you need to replenish your supplies. What better way to prepare for your next adventure than with Pearl Izumi sports apparel and gear? By shopping on eBay, you can quickly find the cycling gear you need for the race. Pearl Izumi shorts maximize comfort with extra padding on the rear and crotch area while wicking away sweat and hugging the body to allow for continuous movement. The jerseys are also aerodynamic and keep the body cooled off by forcing sweat to evaporate. Wearing functional apparel does not mean that you have to give up fashion though. Pearl Izumi gives you the option of selecting a tasteful jersey with a variety of sporty, feminine, and specialty designs, such as the Colorado Flag jersey. Pearl Izumi apparel helps you put the pedal to the metal. Cross that finish in style and comfort.