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About Peacock Feathers

The male peacock uses his stunning plumage to attract his mate, but you can use peacock feathers for so many other things. These feathers can be striking home decor elements, either on the wall or in arrangements on side or main tables. Peacock eye feathers are the ones that most people think of in relation to this regal bird. These are the feathers with large, flat tips. Each feather has what appears at a glance to be an eye in varying shades of gold, brown, purple, and blue. Peacock sword feathers, on the other hand, are long feathers that look very much like the leaves on a fern. There is more actual feather toward the tip. These are very well-suited for arrangement in a vase. No matter how you use your peacock feathers, they give any room a rich, elegant feeling. Within the vast inventory on eBay, you can find all sorts of these beautiful feathers in different shades and tones. Some are even dyed, so no matter what colors you prefer in your decorating, there are feathers that match.