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About Peacock - Crafts

Few creatures in nature pack the explosive color palette of the flashy and bold peacock. Combining shimmering tropical and deep-sea hues with delicate avian fragility, their feathers and patterns make an intense and alluring statement. Think of the gradient blues and aquamarines, the satiny and iridescent greens, and the hints of brilliant gold and earthy umber. The quills of the tail plumage are among the most distinct in the animal kingdom, making them shoe-ins for inspiring and creating dramatic apparel and accessories. Whether you are creating a costume or a high fashion ensemble, you have several options for creating the perfect look. Put all eyes on you in a daring gown made from peacock fabric, or take your look to the next level with jewelry, hats, hairpieces, and fascinators crafted with genuine feathers. You can find everything you need to create show stopping couture on eBay. Birds of a feather flock together, but the peacock is in a colorful class all its own. Fly off on your own crafting ventures.