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About Peace Dollars

The silver dollar was the symbol of the Old West as the currency used to buy a whiskey in every saloon from Abilene to Tombstone. The Peace dollar was the last silver dollar to be minted in the United States, making it a favorite among numismatics and curious collectors alike. The 1921 Peace Dollar was the first to be struck, and the coins circulated until 1935. The coin contained 90 percent pure silver and featured a stylized image of Lady Liberty on the obverse and an eagle clutching a broken sword in a symbol of peace on the reverse. Unlike silver dollars before them, Peace dollars were minted in large quantities. They remain easy to find today. Even non-experts can cobble together a complete Peace dollar set from reliable eBay sellers for just a fraction of what it would cost to collect other American dollars. When you twirl a silver dollar between your fingers, you are handling a true piece of Americana.