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The PCMCIA slot on your computer is not just a useless design feature. In fact, you can make use of the slot to expand your computer connectivity options. This comes in handy when you go to plug in your new camera to upload vacation photos only to realize you’re already using up your all USB slots. Instead of unplugging one device to plug in another, you can use a PCMCIA USB card to get two to four additional USB ports. Some even use the faster USB 3.0 technology. Beyond just USB ports, you can also purchase a PCMCIA wireless card to connect to a mobile network and get Internet access everywhere, or buy a PMCIA card reader to slide in an SD card. This gives you access to all that data from your camera, tablet, or smartphone. Find various options on eBay to expand your computer’s capabilities with this handy slot. Why be limited, when you have the option to expand?