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About PC to TVs

You sit flicking through the channels in frustration, wondering how such a huge number of channels can be so devoid of content worth watching. If you have had enough of channel surfing and want to stream content direct from PC to TV, you can easily achieve your aim if you have the right equipment. Most modern televisions have an HDMI port similar to that found on the graphics card of a PC, so you can easily find a PC-to-TV cable that will allow you to instantly playback the content from your PC on a full-sized HD television screen. Even if you have older technology, you can also find analog cables with all of the connections you need to start watching the media on your hard disk through the TV in your living room. If you think cables are a thing of the past, you can even find wireless PC-to-TV devices, which allow you to stream HD video and digital audio content direct from any Windows-based PC wirelessly to HDTVs or projectors in stunning 1080p high definition. Whether you are looking for old analog cables or super modern devices that offer wireless streaming, there are plenty of ways to get all of the movies and audio from your PC to TV with ease. With a huge inventory of electronics and adapters that no regular store can match, you can find everything you need to get started on eBay.