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About PC Cards

One of the greatest strengths of the personal computer is its modular nature, as seen by just how many different kinds of PC cards there are. If you have ever taken a desktop apart, you've probably seen how many different cards plug into the motherboard. For gamers, the video card is probably the most important, seeing as how a high-end card can turn the family machine into a gaming juggernaut. For most users, though, it's all about the network. Most computers come with network ports, but it's only relatively recently that most machines have had wireless networking. It's almost universal on laptops now, but there was a time when even they needed wireless adapters. Most of those laptops came with a PCMCIA slot, which could hold various laptop expansion cards, each about the size of a credit card. Whether you're looking for a wireless card for an older laptop that didn't come with native support, or a video card to play the latest game, you can find what you need through the reliable sellers on eBay. Don't run a network cable; just snap in a PC card.