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About PBR

In addition to being one of the oldest and most renowned breweries in the United States, the Pabst Brewing Company has been experienced somewhat of a renaissance thanks at least in part to the resurgence in popularity of their flagship beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon. Also known as PBR, the award-winning beverage gained a foothold in markets ranging from urban hipsters championing its quality in the face of bargain pricing to Chinese beer connoisseurs who pay a premium to enjoy their own high-end version known as Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844. Somewhat more than a simple drink, PBR reflects a kind of lifestyle, as witnessed in their sponsorship of a diverse range of beneficiaries such as independent musicians, radio stations, and clubs devoted to niche events such as facial hair competitions and bicycle polo. In return, participants tend to pay homage to the brand and their forward thinking by sporting merchandise such as a PBR shirt featuring fan-made art. The PBR stickers that frequently plaster college towns and dive bars are also excellent reminders of the Pabst influence. To join in and show your support of this truly American brand, PBR memorabilia is available from many reliable sellers on eBay.