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About Pay Phones

Jibbering and jabbering is a mainstay in your household thanks to your active social life — and although friends tease you about it, you still prefer the nostalgia of talking on your home phone. Give your friends something to really talk about by replacing your old home phone with a pay phone. A working antique pay phone is the perfect way to share your love for the traditional telephone system. Become part of history with a 1960s pay phone with three coin slots for your nickels, dimes, and quarters. Get your hands on an authentic public pay phone complete with its original stickers and hand piece. Choose between chrome, black, and red bases from the vast inventory available on eBay. The best part about putting a rotary pay phone in your home is that it doubles as a piggy bank. Simply make a phone call every time you want to put away a little money. Your new pay phone makes you the talk of the neighborhood, and a few neighbors may even stop by who want to give it a try for old time's sake.

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