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About Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is one member of the Fab Four who managed to somehow transcend being in the biggest band in the world to establish himself across the span of a diverse, multi-decade solo career. The past 50 plus years have given the world a massive assortment of McCartney-helmed albums, live recordings, movies, memorabilia, and more. Macca fans will find everything McCartney on eBay, from the classic 1971 Paul McCartney RAM album on vinyl or deluxe CD and DVD set to a genuine autographed Paul McCartney shirt to an authentic left-handed Hofner bass guitar also signed by McCartney. For those who have never had the chance to catch Macca's legendary live show, or for those who have and want to relive the experience anytime, can purchase "Paul McCartney The Space Within US" on Blu-ray, with highlights from the legend's triumphant 2005 American tour. The reliable sellers on eBay offer a variety of shipping options for whichever Macca products you choose.