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About Paul Goldschmidt

Paul Goldschmidt started showing star quality during his first at-bat as a major leaguer on August 1, 2011. He got a base hit, and in an effort to show that it was not a fluke, he proceeded to hit a home run the very next day. His momentum continued all the way to the All-Star Game. As his star continues to rise, his merchandise is becoming more and more popular. Serious fans typically get a Paul Goldschmidt rookie card. Collectors expect it to go up in value as Goldschmidt continues to deliver one stellar season after the next. Fans also like to get Goldschmidt jerseys. You can find a standard No. 44 Diamondbacks' jersey, or you can get a Paul Goldschmidt jersey from the All-Star Game. With so much Paul Goldschmidt merchandise spread out in different locations, it is difficult to go to a store and find what you want. Fortunately, eBay has all of the top merchandise from reliable sellers, with thousands of options for baseball cards, autographs, jerseys, and more all in one place.