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About Patchouli

Every time you turn down a new aisle in the grocery store, you cannot help but feel as though someone is following you. Suddenly you are face-to-face with another person who asks if you are wearing patchouli. The scent is one that most people love or hate, and those who love it are drawn to the smell like a magnetic force. When you wear it, you can count on someone commenting on it. Patchouli oil is extracted from a bushy herb plant that belongs to the mint family. For centuries, it has been a component in perfume, insect repellent, incense, and alternative medicine. First popular in the 1960s, the sweet, spicy, and musty aroma has experienced a renewed peak in popularity. It is uplifting, soothing, and relaxing, and some people even claim it is an aphrodisiac. You are not restricted to wearing the oil. You can buy a wide variety of patchouli products from sellers on eBay. In addition to a nice selection of oils, look for patchouli candles, perfumes, incense, lotions, and body sprays. You may not be able to get enough of the highly addictive fragrance once you start wearing it.