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About Patagonia Shorts

You are planning a weekend trek into the backcountry and need to decide what you can wear that is comfortable and durable enough to get you through the journey. One thing you know for sure is that your Patagonia shorts are at the top of your list. This manufacturer makes apparel specifically for outdoor activities. Patagonia Baggies shorts are made from lightweight Supplex nylon and treated with a durable water repellent that sloughs off water. If you prefer khakis, you love the Patagonia Stand Up shorts that are made for hiking from organic cotton. Whatever type of Patagonia shorts you are looking for; you have a good chance to find them in the large selection from trusted sellers on eBay. Sellers offer new and used shorts and can ship them right to your door. You can even find vintage options for men and women. Patagonia is an environmentally responsible company that takes steps to reduce or eliminate harm to the planet. When your goal is to become one with Mother Nature, these are the clothes to wear.