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About Patagonia Pullover

If you are susceptible to the effects of cold weather, your hands are probably the first part to go. Fortunately, thanks to Patagonia pullovers, you do not have to worry about fumbling hopelessly with buttons and zippers, trying desperately to shield yourself from the cold. These pullovers feature the same amount of warmth and styles as your other favorite Patagonia attire. They have hoods that zip or tie closed to keep your head protected and ears toasty warm. These pullovers come in several fabrics including fleece, polyester, and cotton. They fit like a sweatshirt, leaving plenty of room for wearing a shirt or two beneath. Patagonia pullovers hit at the waist and have long sleeves finished with cuffs. They are perfect for wearing while out running errands or on outdoor adventures, like hiking. These garments share the same body design but come in different styles. On eBay, you can search for new and used pullovers from reliable sellers in several styles. The Patagonia Snap T pullover features a classic T-neck design. It fits men and women and comes in several colors including black, dark green, and navy. The Patagonia Nano Puff pullover contains an extra layer of insulation, making it ideal for the coldest winter days.