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About Passenger Floorboards

Riding on the back of a Harley is a freeing experience, but if the bike is missing passenger floorboards, it can be an uncomfortable ride. Many motorcycles offer stock passenger floorboard mounts, but more often than not, they are nothing more than thin sticks. Give your passengers a break and upgrade your Harley passenger floorboards. Many motorcycle manufacturers offer after-market floorboards for their motorcycle makes and models, but there are also universal options available. When you decide to replace your passenger floorboards, you will want to take into consideration their size and how they will be stored. If you have a larger cruiser, larger passenger floorboards will work well, and many options allow you to fold them up while not in use, keeping them out of the way while you are driving alone. When you are ready to upgrade your passenger floorboards, make sure to stop by eBay first to find a large selection of models available from reliable sellers on eBay.